Die Inline-Farbmesssysteme der PREMOSYS GmbH

Measuring high-powered light sources – PREMOSYS makes it possible

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The new generation of optical attenuators allows you to measure extremely bright light sources, such as matrix LED headlights, directly with our eFLAT...

QuickMatch Inline Farbmesssystem

Enjoyment in all colors

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Anyone who assumes that food is only a matter of taste is mistaken. “You eat with your eyes“, is a famous saying, and has a lot of truth to it,...

PR0086-S Würzgrad Kartoffelchips

What color does flavor have?

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How the PREMOSYS PR0086-S inline color measurement system checks the degree of seasoning of potato chips.

PREMOSYS - Automatisierte Farbmessung

All colors of the world, united in our sensors

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We encounter countless colors in all their nuances in everyday life. But how many different colors can you actually perceive as a human being?

PR0128 Primererkennung Windschutzscheibe

Detecting and measuring transparent liquids on glass, how is this supposed to work?

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PREMOSYS has developed a special measuring system for such tasks.

ATEX Zertifizierung aller Premosys Produkte auf Kundenwunsch

ATEX certification of OEM products

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Comprehensive services by PREMOSYS

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