Die Inline-Farbmesssysteme der PREMOSYS GmbH

ATEX Zertifizierung aller Premosys Produkte auf Kundenwunsch

ATEX certification of OEM products

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Comprehensive services by PREMOSYS

Parallele Prüfung von Farbe, Intensität und Einschaltzeit

Measurement of Dynamic Turn Signals – Unique Worldwide

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With the new LED POTM (POWER-ON TIME MEASUREMENT) option, dynamic turn signals can be checked for color, intensity and on-time simultaneously.

Farbliche Differenzierung von Kabeladerfarben

PR0126-C color detection of cable sheaths for positioning in a connector

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A challenge. Color differentiation of cable core colors.

State-of-the-art 3D printers, IT systems and software for the Sankt Matthias Gymnasium in Gerolstein

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Technical developments and digitization are best understood when you can experience them yourself and help to shape them.

Can it also be a little more individual?

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Customized accessories for optical metrology

Launch of the new Premosys eFLAT Utility

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Uniform ease of use for all Premosys LED Analyzers

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