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Training at PREMOSYS - Your Path to Expertise

At PREMOSYS, we not only offer efficient and precise solutions in the field of production-optimized color and LED measurement systems but also gladly support you in expanding your expertise in this complex area of measurement technology.

Do you already have one of our LED Analyzers, double spectrometers, or color measurement systems in productive use and would like to deepen your expertise in this field? Or are you considering implementing such a quality assurance measurement in your production line in the future but would like to thoroughly familiarize yourself with this topic beforehand before making a decision? Then PREMOSYS has a solution for you!

Our training programs make you an expert in color and light measurement technology. Through practical examples and the application of our measurement systems, also directly on your own products, we bring color to the gray theory.

Interested? Then contact us by phone or email.

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