The inline color measurement systems of PREMOSYS

Inline color measurement systems

Our complete systems for inline color measurement, used for example in monitoring color fidelity of melted plastics in extruders, paints or for controlling consistent quality of pasta dough, offer continuous process control for counteracting deviations directly in the production process so as to ensure you of consistently high quality.


LED analyzers

Our LED analyzers are used for relative and/or absolute measurement of the optical properties of LEDs with respect to colors and intensities as well as for testing flashing or PWM LEDs. Various systems cover the range of applications for parallel and sequential testing of very dark to high-performance light sources.

With the new PREMOSYS eFLAT Utility Tool you can configure and operate all the eFLAT systems. This enhances the convenience greatly, since the entire administrative and operative process associated with our LED analyzers can be implemented centrally in software.






The LED analyzers of PREMOSYS


The color- and spectral sensor systems of PREMOSYS

Color-/spectral sensors

Our high-resolution color and spectral sensor systems offer performance features that cover the highest demands of many different industrial sectors. These systems feature high long-term stability even in challenging installations and the most difficult environments. Whatever the surroundings they are easy to integrate, and with long-life, maintenance-free characteristics these systems are also compact in design to fit into any existing process.


Electronic assemblies

We offer electronic modules for special fields of application and many different markets, including constant current sources, level shifters, stepper motor controllers or temperature regulators, to name just a few from our portfolio. It goes without saying that we are always eager to work with you in a custom development.




The electronic assemblies of PREMOSYS



The accessories for all test systems of PREMOSYS


Available is a broad assortment of accessories tailored to the respective measurement systems. In addition to glass and plastic fiber optics which can be custom produced to your individual requirements, we offer among other things optics, diffusers and fiber distribution hubs.


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