PR0086-S - CIELab Color Checker

PR0086-S - CIELab Color Checker

In-Line color measurement system for production and the laboratory

The CIELAB Color Checker PR0086-S is an in-line color measurement system tuned for high absolute color accuracy. Color calibration at the factory uses an absolute calibrated reference spectrometer. The absolute accuracy for all colors is an average of ~1.6 dE. The relative accuracy, including between systems, is less than +/-0.5 dE. Using factory or user calibration absolute values can be achieved that are equal to spectrometers.

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Technical data

  • Supply voltage 24 VDC +/- 10%
  • RS 485 interface
  • Measuring area 70mm at 70mm distance
  • Measuring frequency ~10 Hz
  • Integrated LEDs lighting source
  • Temperature compensation 18 to 55 degrees
  • Measurement procedure: differential measurement
  • Output: CIELab, Chromaticity and Tristimulus using serial communication
  • Dust protected air connection 2 mm
  • Material: stainless steel, painted



The intuitive PREMOSYS PR0086-S PC Tool has many other advantages in addition to the possibility of evaluating measured data.

The available SDK allows you to communicate with a variety of PC systems.


  • Relative accuracy < 0.5 dE (between the systems)
  • Repeat accuracy < 0.05 dE (sample related)


  • PR0086-S
System for mounted measurements
  • PR0086-S-70
System for measurements in 70 mm distance
  • PR0086-S-70-15
System for measurements in 70 mm distance and 15 degrees angle (for shiny products)


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