PR0111-S - I/O Module

PR0111-S - I/O Modul

16-channel in-/output module

The PR0111 I/O Module offers 6 digital in-/outputs. Each module appears as an autonomous communications point (i.e. with1 its own address). This makes the modules the ideal basis for automating machines having different configurable function variants.

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Technical data

  • 16 channels – selectable as in- or outputs
  • Controller supply voltage 12 V to 27 V DC
  • I/O supply voltage 15 V to 27 V DC, max. 25 mA , all channels off (not galvanically isolated)
  • Overload protection and suppressor diodes
  • Continuous current per output max. 0.5 A
  • Total continuous current for all outputs max. 3.9 A
  • Input circuit: optocoupler 15 V to 27 V DC
  • Interface: RS485, 4-wire – 115 KBd






  • PR00111
Without socket
  • PR00111-S
In plastic base for C-rail mounting



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