PR0112-S - 2-Axis Stepper Motor Controller

PR0112-S - 2-Axis Stepper Motor Controller

2-Axis Stepper Motor Controller

These high-performance motor controllers with integrated power output stage combine the most stable technology in a small package. The ramp generator is hardware-integrated into the motor controller and allows setting of trapezoidal as well as acceleration and braking ramps. Use of the encoder input allows the stepper motor to be operated with these motor controllers in a closed loop like a brushless DC motor. The controllers can be configured using software tools.

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Technical data

  • Channels (outputs): 2
  • Supply voltage 12 to 27 V DC
  • Continuous current per motor max. 2 A
  • Motor control Sine/Cosine
  • Motor connection bipolar
  • DC resistance of the motor winding >0.9 Ohm
  • Inductance of the motor winding > 1 mH
  • Interface RS485, 4-wire, galvanically isolated
  • Serial interface supply voltage 5-15 V DC, max. 40 mA
  • Parameter setting via serial interface
  • 2 encoder inputs (one per channel)
  • Encoder input RS422 differential signals (A+,A-,B+,B-,N+,N-), not galvanically isolated
  • Encoder supply voltage 5 V DC, max. 0.1 A
  • Encoder signal frequency max. 1 MHz






Position target accuracy*+/- 2 increments

*referenced to encoder using 4x interpolation




  • PR00112
Without socket
  • PR00112-S
In plastic base for C-rail mounting



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