PR0202 - Temperature Controller

PR0202 - Temperature Controller

4-channel, high-precision temperature controller for bidirectional KPI control of Peltier elements (heater/coolers)

The PR0202 temperature controller represents a precision designed system for managing Peltier elements with bi-directional (heating/cooling) KPI control. The diagnostics contains measurements of the TEC resistance and of the time constants with integrated KPI autotuning. The controllers are based on a modular concept and are equipped with a powerful processor. The sub-division is functional and physical into control board and power board with two variants: Single-channel and two-channel as well as peripheral and other modules – such as the display board and the optional USB interface board.

The modular concept enables OEM controller configurations from single-channel to two-channel systems up to networks of from 32 to 128 channels linked by the RS485 interface. Each channel has an independent TEC control and its own work algorithm.

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Technical data

  • 4-channel bi-directional, high-precision temperature regulation of a Peltier module (heating/cooling)
  • 4 PT100 inputs, Callander-Van-Dusen polynomal compensation
  • KPI temperature control
  • Logic supply 20-28 V DC, max. 50 mA
  • Peltier supply 12 V-24 V DC
  • 4 channels
  • Peltier element current per channel 4 A max. at 25 deg., short-duration 6 A
  • 4 I/O (selectable in- or output)
  • I/O current 0.7 A max
  • Temperature probe PT 100
  • Detection range -100 to +150 degrees
  • Software tool for setup and testing
  • WIN32-DLL


Resolution0,1 degree




  • PR0202
In plastic base for C-rail mounting




Datasheets PR0202
Datasheet PR0202 (DE/EN)


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