Accessories for the QuickMatch measurement system

Probes, light guides & diffuse optics

The right accessories for your application.

To record the color readings, a probe must be placed at the extruder exit. For this purpose, the extruder insert - consisting of a sleeve with sapphire glass at the top - screwed into a threaded hole. The melt flowing over the field of view thus provides an insight into the liquid material. In the extruder probe, a high-temperature resistant optical fiber is used, by means of which light is emitted into the material and the light reflected from the material is returned to the color evaluation.

Both parts in this functional unit are exposed to the extreme conditions of temperature and pressure and dimensioned accordingly.

Furthermore, a diffuse 8 degree optic with gloss trap is available to determine the degree of transmission or reflectance. The design complies with the specifications of the DIN 5036 standard for diffuse reflectance measurements, the inner part - procure like an integrating sphere - consists of barium sulfate. With the exchangeable gloss trap, you determine whether or not the directional radiation component is to be taken into account in the measurement.

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Accessories for QuickMatch

Part number

PR0184 Extruder insert



  • Threaded insert ½-20 UNF
  • Light opening 5 mm
  • Sapphire crystal lens
  • Material Titan 3.7164
  • Pressure resistance up to 500 bar
  • Temperature in operation up to 350 degrees Cesius




PR-LL-SG1,8-2-F-B-U1-8.0 Light guide for extruder insert


  • Y-fiber optics 2 in 1
  • Glass fibers 1.8 mm
  • Stainless steel jacket
  • 2 x SMA plugs
  • 1 x lance
  • Variable lengths
  • Pre-assembled, ground and polished

PR0228 Diffuse optics


  • Measuring distance 12 mm
  • Measuring area 17 mm (with 2 mm fibers)
  • Coated glass lenses
  • SMA fiber optic connection
  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • Temperature range -10 to +180 deg. Celsius
  • Fastening – four M5 threads from above

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