PR0084 - Mii2 Mobile Light Analyzer

PR0084 - Mii2 Mobile Light Analyzer

The OEM solution for mobile measurement and precise calibration of displays and light sources.

The Mii2 Mobile Light Analyzer PR0084 is a high-precision, highly sensitive color measurement system for determining the optical parameters of light sources.

USB 2.0, RS232 and RS232 TTL interfaces are available. Included in the scope of delivery is software for online color measurement.

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Technical data

  • Optics: +/- 2 degree field angle
  • Calibration: PTB Traceable
  • Interface: USB 2.0, RS232, RS232T
  • Supply voltage: 4.7 to 5.25 V DC via USB/RS232 plug
  • Parameter sets: 8 for various factory settings, 30 additional custom
  • Measuring speed: max. 10 measurements/s for low sensitivity, max. 4 measurements/s for high sensitivity
  • Temperature compensation 20 to 40 C°
  • Dimensions: Length: ca. 61 x 26 x 17 mm (not including fastening connections)
  • Weight: ca. 80 g



PREMOSYS PR0084 PC ToolThe clearly-to-use PR0084 PC Tool is optimally designed for fast parameterization of the measurement and display of the results. The user has all functions directly in view.

The available SDK allows you to communicate with a variety of PC systems.


  • Luminanz: 0,05 up to 5.000 cd/qm
  • Chromaticity: 0,05 up to 5.000 cd/qm
  • Resolution CCT 1 K

  • Luminanz: +/-2% 1 digit ( 1 ~500 cd/m2 )
  • Chromaticity: +/-0.002 Illuminant D65
  • Chromaticity: +/-0.0025 CCT 4000-15000 K
  • Chromaticity: +/-0.0065 for other colors

    *The accuracies refer to the adjustment to a specific monitor. The measurement of "unknown" light sources may deviate from this. An application-specific adjustment is easily possible and supported by suitable tools.






  • OEM-SMA – OEM with SMA connection
  • OEM-ENG – laboratory version
  • DIF – System for ambient light measurement

  • OEM – OEM
  • OEM-ENG – laboratory version
  • T-OEM – OEM
  • T-OEM-ENG – laboratory version



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