PR0190 - Light Analyzer

PR0190 - Light Analyzer

The entry system for simple and precise LED testing.

Light Analyzer PR0190 is a single-channel LED tester that can also detect 3 different products. The system enables very fast testing of LEDs under production conditions and is long-term stable. It covers the brightness range from LEDs which are visible in daylight up to super-bright LEDs for illumination purposes.

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Technical data

  • Single channel system
  • Sensitivity 3.5 to 10,000,000 Lux
  • Measuring time can be set between 10ms and 1.9s
  • Measuring value output in x, y, Y, color temperature and dominant wavelength
  • Resolution xy<0,001, Ldom 1 nm, CCT 1 K
  • 8 amplification stages, resolution 12 bits
  • Stores 3 different products and parameter sets on the system
  • System for relative and absolute measurement available
  • User calibration
  • Lux calibration possible
  • Serial interface
  • Supply voltage 12 to 26 V DC, 70mA
  • Multi-language software tool



PREMOSYS PR0190 PC Tool The clearly-to-use PR0190 PC Tool is optimally designed for fast parameterization for measurements. The user has all functions directly in view.


White reference:Monochromatic LED:
  • Color location x,y +/- 0,0015
  • Ldom < +/- 4 nm
  • Rel. intensity +/- 2%
  • Resolution Ldom 1 nm
  • Resolution CCT 1 K




  • PR0190
1-channel system




Datasheets PR0190
Datasheet PR0190 (EN)

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