OEM Products

Holistic solutions from a single source

From electronics to mechanics and software, from design to construction, from individual components to a complete system, with us you receive professional support in all these areas under one roof and with 20 years of experience. Our employees offer you the most up-to-date know-how and services so that your requirements can be professionally realized. Thanks to our vast knowledge from a variety of industry sectors we actively assist you in ensuring your delivery capability over the entire product life cycle and work with you to develop optimization of your production costs.

PCB(A) design

The area of electronics encompasses all the aspects related to realization of circuit boards.

  • PCB-EMV compatible design
  • Layout preparation
  • EMC measurements
  • Vapor phase soldering
  • The most modern tools

Mechanical design

Our mechanical design assists you in the product development phase. Comprehensive experience from industry enables us to design optimal solutions and together with you bring them to life.

  • Production-ready and cost-optimized implementation
  • Digital simulations
  • 3D-CAD design of components, systems and devices
  • Vast experience in metal, plastics, composites and glass
  • Rapid prototyping
  • 3D printing

Software development

We develop software for the following areas:

  • PC-based software in C/C++
  • Software for microcontrollers in C/C++
  • ARM "Cortex-M" and Analog Devices "Blackfin" DSP
  • TCP/IP, UDP implementation on the microcontroller level
  • FPGA and PLD

Quality assurance in every aspect

Production, testing and, when needed, calibration of products and systems are performed by experienced members of our team.

  • Traceability of all parts
  • Documented testing protocols for each product
  • All calibrations can be traced using reference systems

Conformity with standards

With our own EMC equipment and the experience of our engineers we can do testing of partial and complete systems as early as the development stage. This puts us in the position of being able to qualify the high requirements of various applicable standards, recognize and apply potential for improvement.

  • Antennas and measuring equipment
  • Radiation, Surge, Burst and ESD
  • Experienced systems engineering team

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