Optical measuring systems and electronics "Made in Germany"

We develop and produce optoelectronic systems for industrial color detection and color measurement

We offer innovative products used in industrial production and quality assurance. These solutions range from single- to multi-sensor measurement systems for optical variables to custom OEM products.


Premosys solutions in nearly every branch of industry

Our extremely reliable products and solutions satisfy the constantly growing testing demands of our customer clientele from various sectors of industry including automotive, aerospace, electronics, foods, consumer goods, printing and medical technology to name just a few. All the systems are easy to integrate, maintenance-free and long-term stable.

Conserving resources through sustainability

Taking our environment into consideration

In everything we develop we take a responsible view of our environment and society and place the highest value on sustainable and ecological development of our products. They are characterized by ease of operation, communication capability, compact designs and long service life. The activity field of our company is concentrated on these goals and challenges. We also offer you the possibility of working together with us in a development cooperation to implement your own ideas and projects.

We underscored our practiced philosophy of resource conservation in the construction of our main building, which we occupied in August of 2017. Through the intelligent combination of the most up-to-date insulation materials for the building shell, a photovoltaic plant, geothermal systems, central ventilation and a finely tuned building technology we save over 181 tons of CO2 per year.

Trendsetter and innovation driver with our own research and development

Our annual investment in R&D is far higher than the average. This helps us to develop new technologies and very often makes us a trendsetter for new, innovative concepts and solutions. We have our own research laboratories and equipment, which will see us into the future for meeting the growing demands of the market.


Together with you we set new standards

With our optical sensor and measurement systems, which offer resolutions far beyond human perception, we are the right partner when it comes to long-term stable products with a price/performance ratio that is unequalled.

In close cooperation with you as customer we create systems and solutions that reliably ensure the best results for you day after day and all over the world.


The goal of our research – ecological, economical and socially conscious

Research with visionIn our research projects we strive to con tribute to a more efficient and conscious use of limited resources, so that we protect and maintain our environment holistically and over the long term. Here we have done away with research using separate disciplinary drawers. Based around social questions we bring the most diverse areas of technology and expertise together to activate scientific potentials, develop innovative technologies and thereby counteract the loss of biodiversity and exploitation of resources.

Sensor technology for agriculture

With our long years of expertise in optical measurement systems, Premosys offers technologies and applications for measuring color and reflection, measurement of moisture content and dry mass, constituents and plant nutrients for many materials and substances occurring in agriculture.

These systems enable measurement values to be acquired while moving, for example ground moisture measurement as well as the control of follow-on processes.

The GG Detector differentiated between crops and weed

Last News

Europäische Union - Europäischer Fond für Regionale Entwicklung

Die bauliche Erweiterung der PREMOSYS zum Technologie Campus wurde von der Europäischen Union aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung und dem Land Rheinland-Pfalz gefördert.

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