We offer electronic modules for special fields of application and various markets. Following is a selection of various types, but we also develop custom solutions and concepts.

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PR0055 - Controllable constant current source

Converts analog signals (0-10 V/0-20 mA/4-20 mA) to 0-200 mA or used as a constant current source.


VE-P-0001 - Level Shifter

This module is used for converting signals from a typical encoder. These signals can reach a level of from 5 to 24 V DC. They are then converted potential-free to an output level of 5 V DC with RS 422 characteristics.





PR0212 - Z-4-Fold Level Shifter

Multi-channel conversion of encoder signals with a level of from 5 to 24 V DC.


PR0111-S - Digital I/O Module

Digital 16-channel in-/output module used as remote unit for control tasks.




PR0112 - 2-Axis Stepper Motor Controller

The PR0112 stepper motor controller enables quite simple yet precise positioning for 2 independent stepper motors. It allows them to be operated safely and conveniently, with a motor current of up to 2 A (continuous current).



PR0125-S - Stepper Motor Controller

The PR0125-S stepper motor controller enables simple yet precise positioning. It allows stepper motors to be operated safely and conveniently, with a motor current of up to 6 A (continuous current). It includes inputs for limit switches and reference signals.


PR0144 - Temperature Controller

4-channel, high-precision temperature controller for bidirectional KPI control of Peltier elements (heater/coolers).


PR0202 - Temperature Controller

This temperature controller serves as a high-performance variable function unit and can control up to 4 independent heating/cooling circuits. It can be used as an intelligent stand-alone peripheral or as a pure communication-capable slave module within a bus structure. This bus structure enables control of up to 31 temperature controllers on one host interface.


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