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Lightning fast and precise: Our LED POTM (POWER-ON TIME MEASUREMENT) is revolutionizing the dynamics of blinker measurement worldwide!

Our new LED POTM option (POWER-ON TIME MEASUREMENT) enables the simultaneous measurement of color and on-time. What Audi pioneered is now being adapted by many in the automotive industry. Intermittent turn signals, also known as wiper turn signals or dynamic turn signals, must meet criteria for their approval, such as light color and time sequence.

Our PREMOSYS eFLAT-II is the only LED measurement system in the world that can measure each individual LED color and its on-time simultaneously. This ensures that all LEDs have the same color and that the legal requirements for the on-time sequence are met. Automated quality assurance of the entire LED turn signal light can thus be carried out quickly and easily in the production process or during EOL testing.

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